Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hi Everyone!

I just started making templates for Blogger! I will be listing them out here :) If you need me to help you customize a template, you can contact me through the link at the top! Thank you!

Pre-made Templates

Here are the list of pre-made templates. Once you set your eyes on a design you like, u can email me and pay a deposit. when im done, i can help u move to your blogger (provided with ur acc) and make necessary updates. Do note i need time to move up to blogger :) Most of the stuffs here can be changed or requested :)

Buy for USD90
Title: A Globetrotter's Diary
Colors: Blue, Green, Brown
Layout: 1 column(Blog), 2 column (widgets), fixed width, Header, curve corners for widgets,
tags: travel babe, travel
Platform: Blogger (new/old)*
Created: Oct 2009

 Buy for USD40

Title: Grunge
Colors: Brown, Green, Grey
Layout: 2 widgets columns at the side, Blog at the centre, Header (title can be changed), background design for widgets, twitter bubble at the top, suitable for blogshop design too
tags: grunge, green,

Platform: Blogger (new/old)*
Created: Sep 2009

*old blogger design would not have any widgets.

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