Friday, October 29, 2010

[FOTD] Cleopatra inspired

I have something to do with cleopatra makeup tomorrow so i tried on myself yesterday after work. my eyes are so dry by that time (i think it was around 11pm) that i keep tearing :P

I look so fierce in this makeup O.O

Items used

  • CS 88 Matte palette
  • MUFE white eyeliner
  • Dollywink Black eyeliner
  • NYX lips in Iced honey
  • MAC Stereo blush

my camera! and messy room :P

Colorful EOTDs and some reviews

Happy friday everyone! :)

Here is today FOTD done using CS Shimmer palette :)

*i just realized my lashes are falling off :P

Halloween is this weekend! How are you going to celebrate it? :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

[Halloween] Fritters

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I must be having fun doing halloween stuffs and the BF is getting irritated at me. Oops!

Here is another one. It didn't as i planned, so i think i didn't do it very well too. :( I need to try harder tonight~ :)

MAC VV: Cruella

here is my collection from MAC Venomous Collection, Cruella.

I got the lippies for this collection, although i wanted more, my wallet is already gasping for "air" already.

I purchased Innocence Beware, heartless & Wicked Ways. It make me love red lips! :)

Innocence Beware


Wicked Ways

*my first red lipgloss*

I did this EOTD with BOS 3 as mentioned before.

Me with Innocence beware Lipstick

Heartless Lipstick top off with wicked ways! Stay red till i reach home!

What did u hauled from Cruella? Do you like Cruella?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[Halloween] Burnt Skin

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I was playing around with Gelatin and have the bf lend me his skin :P

I got some materials recently and will be trying out some look :) This is my first time working with gelatin and i dont think these are good. Will be trying out again tonight :)

*decided to cut the pics off cos some may find it gross.

Items Used
- Gelatin
- Greasepaint
- Fake blood
- lots of tissues :P

Here is a simple guide i got from youtube :)

Mix in microwavable bowl
1 packet gelatin, 2 tablespoons water, and 2 tablespoons glycerine.
Microwave about 10 seconds. no more.
Once cooled down a little, apply with spoon or popsicle stick to face. Layer one, then add some cotton where you want the bulges to be. Then keep adding layers and cotton.
LET DRY. Then Apply oil make up over top. If you want your mixture to be colored, you would add red food die or whatever color into the mixture b4 you apply it.

Invisible Lashes & UD BOS3 : FOTD2

I'm trying my best to 'revive' my blog after so much laziness recently :)

I watched a link posted by giang from facebook and saw the trick on putting eyelashes on the waterline and it got me interested to try it out :) (

It took me twice/thrice the amount of time to apply falsies but it isn't too hard! :)

Items used
- Lashes, cut into pcs
- Tweezer
- Eyelash glue (i use dollywink)

i tried using a tweezer to put on my falsies instead as i have butterfingers when my fingers are near my eyes. The eyelashes indeed does look natural than when you put on top of real lashes.

*this is my first attempt, so not really well done.*

those darker lashes are my real ones, the longer ones are falsies. (i know there is a hole...)

Decided to try a nude look from the UD BOS 3 :)

Makeup Used

Urban Decay BOS 3 (Smog, Suspect, Uzi -to highlight)
Dollywink Pencil Eyeliner
KPalette Liquid Eyeliner
MAC Haute n Naughty Mascara
False Lashes

Skin79 Oriental BB Cream
MAC MSF in Medium
MAC Candlelight

Candydoll lipstick in Ramune Pink
Sephora Clear lip gloss

Have you tried putting lashes on your waterline? please share :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Urban Decay Book of Shadows 3 : FOTD 1

i decided to try out a look with the UD BOS 3 :)

Color used: Radium, Maui Wowie

Loves how the color comes out :)

MAC VV : Maleficient


Maleficient Hauls

Here are my swatches and look for Maleficient :) Sleeping Beauty is one of my favourite disney cartoon.

I wasn't planning to get this but after i swatch it in the MAC shop, i just pop it inside my basket :) love the color! :)

A very light purple lipgloss that really look pretty on the lips!

EOTD with some Glamourdoll eyeshadows

*time to color my hair again :):)