Saturday, October 31, 2009



Happy Halloweeen!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Great Whtite Shark VS Great Great White Shark


Travel (KL)


Days in KL

I've made my way up to KL from last friday till now!

Im suppose to clear my leave and enjoy here! but instead im lazing at home almost everyday!

Till now, ive been to IOI Mall, 1U and Genting for a night!

A fun day except that BB dont dare to go up most of the rides! Its actually okay, since im already feeling dead beat by that time.

And now since im up this early (for once here), maybe i should do a bit of blogging :P Wanted to post some pictures but i forgot to bring my cable for my camera T.T

Time to read more blogs now!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Urban Decay Stash


Urban Decay Fanatic!

My whole list of Urban Decay stuffs collected within 2 months! :D

Jill Stuart Xmas Bath n Body Collection


Jill Stuart Xmas 2009 Collection

It is retailing at 490HKD and starts selling from 1st Nov onwards

gotten this mailer from HK Jill Stuart

Looks pretty and princessy!

Cosmetics Collection

Benfit Friends n Family Sale!


Join in the Friends n Family Sale!

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Washing Cleaning Mopping!



On Weds, i went down to the new office to do some clean up and i was assigned with the kitchen! Sands, Dusts everything! *OMG*

I was too tired to take a photo of the before n after of the kitchen. Only took 1 pic when i was doing halfway! :P

Taadaah! this is the kitchen!

Since im already taking photo of the kitchen, i can't possibly forget to take a pic of my work area! the desk in the front of the pic is mine! pretty desk from IKEA! This will be the before furnished picture, will take one after i moved my stuffs in! =D

I'm heading for a long holiday to KL from tonight! gonna shop for many stuffs! Freaking happy =D

Cafeworld Cheats


For those who loves cafe world like me!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

10 facts about me

To add on to my 'About Me' section, i would have 'Facts About Me' now and then!

Guess it would be interesting! :)
  1. I'm a monthly traveller to our neighbour country.
  2. I don't take spice but i ♥ curry much.
  3. I'm not counted as a designer but i love designing! Check out my portfolio.
  4. I can spend alot on cosmetics at a go! I'm a beauty freak. But my bf isn't.
  5. I ♥ shopping.
  6. I ♥ Pink.
  7. I hate wasting weekends.
  8. I have a spree blog!
  9. I love facebook games! * want cheats? :P*
  10. Lastly, I ♥ this blog
I'm gonna try to fill this blog as much as possible! Should i move over from wordpress? Imma gonna miss there! Anyway, im updated through twitter :) Add me!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color

When i went to Hong Kong on my previous trip, i just couldn't resist the Jill Stuart counter over there!

And when i come back, i bought 2 jelly eye colors and their perfume back too~!

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color (Color : Ice Blonde & Sugar Candy)

I just love Jill Stuart items for their princessy packaging! and of course, gorgeous and pretty cosmetics! Before this trip, i already bought myself the cleansing oil, foundation and day essence from them! all are wonderful!

Sugar Candy is the one with the pinky tone, and Ice Blonde, the one in silver.

Overall, the jelly eye color provides a very shimmery look and the best thing is it is lasting! The best way to apply would be by finger (as i had tried!)

I really love all Jill stuart products! They have fantastic packaging which really attracts and their items are of nice quality too. For the Jelly Eye color, it really provides intense shimmer look! not for those who goes/loves matt look! :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

SANA Make Essence Concealer

When i was shopping in SASA, actually i was interested to get the SANA Make Essence Concealer for my undereye (the one in bear bear design), but it was sold out. Therefore i got the one in the seal design (to conceal blackheads). I had alot on my nose, due to my laziness.

Bearbear Design for Undereye

Seal Design

As the picture on top, u can see the concealer is quite thick even though it us spread. The coverage of this concealer is good. The only con would be the concealer tone is quite light, not for tanned skin.

I would use it on top of my base/foundation before powder and the powder covers up the area nicely.

A reccomended product from me! Next to aim for the bear bear concealer :)

Etude House Baby Skin Base


When i was there, i was thinking about whether to get the foundation or the base, but the foundation feels thick, therefore i set on getting the Base instead for a lighter make up application.

I bought this Baby Skin Base on my previous Etude House Haul. The texture of this primer is very light, has a baby powder scent.

I use this primer as a base (like a foundation) for a light makeup, below concealer and pressed powder. This is good for everyday makeup but not if you have a lot to over. Most importantly, its rather moisturizing.

It comes in 2 colors, a pale beige color and a baby green color. I chose the pale beige color as i think the baby green will make my face quite light.

There is a baby skin powder pact to go along. maybe i will get it on my next round :)

Urban Decay Book of Shadows 2


Urban Decay Book of Shadows 2

It consists of 16 eye shadows, 2 24/7 eyeliner and a small bottle of eye primer.

When it opens up, its like a mini make up corner, with a mirror, and a small compartment, where the put a book inside. the book shows different models with different eyeshadows

the lower drawer, pulled open by a purple string, opens up the 16 shadows n 2 eyeliners. Images below shows the color of the eyeshadows.

I really like this "book" much much as it consists of very vibrant colors (new colors like Ecstasy!). we have glittery, shimmering or matt shadows inside here! I pesonally love the SELLOUT color n flipside! Most importantly, this book make me love the 24/7 glide on eyeliner! it will be definitely on my next shopping list! It is priced at USD48 from This is 1 of my HG makeup already! :):)

Below is a EOTD consit of Jinx and Homegrown color! feel so peacock-y.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Urban Decay Primer Potions Family

After a long wait, i finally got my primer potions family!!! Whee~

Etude House Mini Hauls


  • Etude Lip plumper
  • Etude Magic Bubble Peeling
  • Etude Moistfull Mist
  • Etude Baby Skin Face Base


will review them when i start trying! :)

[Review] Urban Decay Eye Shadow - Uzi

A new family member came!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

[Gifts] Shu Umera


Get 3 complimentary gifts with any purchase of $50 or more!

Get it here!

Etude House Top 10(tan) gloss


I got this lip gloss on my previous Gmarket order. I really like their tan collection, so bronzy and pretty, but in the end, i didn't know what to get, so i get this pretty gold lipgloss!

To me its quite a big lip gloss, i think till now, i still have not have a finished lip gloss yet!

On closer look of the lip gloss, it is like a beige-gold lip gloss with many pink glitters in it.

i think it really suits the tan collection! Its like having a nude lip stick covered with sparkling pink diamonds!

A swatch of the lip gloss

Isn't it nice?! :):)

PS. I really like Lee Min Ho in Etude :D:D:D

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rose Flower Radiance Stick


For once! it comes in a stick form! previously luminance all are in tube form and i feel its so watery!

if you like to make your face, bright and glittery, Try out this Body Shop luminance stick! it smells of rose scent with a shimmery effect.

Its nice to be used on cheek to enhance the blusher on cheeks. And, i used it as my eyeshadow too! it provides a shimmery effect which i like it! :)

Manicure and Pedicure

I finally went for a mani & pedi session since a long time ago!
For this time, it is a home based salon and its also my first experience. BB went with me and this is his first time of a mani and pedi session too! we arrived at 5pm and left near 9pm! i guessed this is the longest session i ever had. but im very pleased with the final results! :D

Final Results