Thursday, October 1, 2009

[Discuss] Fake Cosmetics? Dare to Use?

What we have known from before till now are mostly the fake LVs, Gucci, Prada bags, wallets and even scarves. But recently i saw something more shocking!
I saw many MAC products on sale at very cheap prices. Then i found out that they are fake. My discussion for this will be :


I think my answer till now will still be "NO". I admit i like cheap cosmetics, but i would rather go for cheap cosmetics like Etude House or Tony Moly or even Skin79 ( I know most of them are Korean Cosmetics, but US cosmetics converts over isn't that cheap). At least i know that they are authentic and if they destroy my face, i can sue them till i'm rich. But to save just a few dollars to get the imitation, if anything happens, cannot find anyone to blame too! To me, its something like buying insurance, pay a bit more :P

I use some of MAC items (i ♥ their eyeshadows) and till now, lucky i only buy from counters and official websites!

Maybe as most people said, the older the people, they get more scared of death. :P About a few weeks ago, read a news from The New Paper about a 21yr old girl applying some fake pearl powder bought from unknown sources (anyhow buy) and her skin sagged! She is 21 and she look like 60! Her condition started from red spots then skin started folding and sag! I think i would freak out if its me! Check out the before and after image.

So beauties, Still dare to use fake products?

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Insomniac on 17 January, 2010 05:02 said...

Omg scary stuff! Im gonna be more wary now! thanks!

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