Monday, February 28, 2011

Nars Mini Multiple Set in Sweet Disposition


I hauled the Nars Mini Multiple Set in Sweet Disposition (my first nars!) last month and i was so excited when i received them!

A set of three mini Multiples perfect for eyes, cheeks and lips.

Essential for a holiday glow, the cult-favorite and iconic Multiple is ideal for creating shimmering accents and dynamic highlights for all skin tones in a creamy formula that blends effortlessly.


  • Luxor - Iridescent Pink
  • Malibu - Pinkish Brown
  • Orgasm - Peachy Pink With Shimmer

They come in very cute mini sizes that is suitable to bring around especially when i travel, and since it's my first cosmetics from Nars, I'm so happy to get a set :)

Luxor is very light and suitable to use as an highlighter

Malibu is quite dark therefore i use it to for contouring

and Orgasm is a very pretty coral blush color.

It seems like a great deal for all 3 in 1 :) I might consider getting the original size once these are used up! :)


I did another look with Sugarpill Burning Heart palette :) Just love the colors from Sugarpill :)

And i start up a facebook page! <3 i put all my Eye makeup looks in the album here! feel free to take a look!

And thanks everyone for following my blog/liking my Eye Makeup looks!

Thank you!! *teary-eyes*


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bright and Brighter!


I was very busy for the past week and this week and the stress was getting up to me, and i guess that's what happen with my makeup.

They get brighter =P

I always think bright makeup cheers me up especially when i work late into the night. Finally, all is going to be over pretty soon! <3

Here are some EOTDs i did last week :)

Brands of Eyeshadows used

  • Sugarpill (Royal)

  • GlamourdollEyes (Purple and Blue)

  • Sleek Acid Palette (the green EOTD)


Which is your favourite? ♥

I'm still trying out different color combinations, any reccomendations?


I'm going to Raymond Lam's concert on Saturday! So excited!

and finalize my travel plans this week too! I'm still deciding between Japan and Korea. My mom wants to go Korea, I guess i'm heading there. :) I might be booking another one to Japan for end of the year! *wishing*

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sleek Sparkle Palette

Sparkle Sparkle!
This is a limited edition palette from Sleek :)

It comes with lots of dark colors filled with sparkles so if you like sparkles, you should definitely get this palette.

The size is the same as other palettes, very pigmented and easy to use.

I love the blues and purple in this palette. They are really pretty and cranberry is really bright!

Instead of white, they have silver which is think is very classy! see the sparkles! wow!

Swatches on my hand:

Definitely not for those who loves nude/natural colors as the colors in this palette are very strong and bright.

I only did 1 EOTD with this palette and i will try to do more up later :)

The sparkles drop easily on my face. :( have to do lots of "cleanup" after makeup.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Winner: 200 giveaway

I guess this is what everyone has been waiting for!

Here is the winner!


I will drop u an email in awhile!

Thanks everyone for supporting and joining in my giveaway <3


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

O'slee Soybean Milk Whitening BB Cream


Oslee Soybean Milk Whitening BB Cream

I got this from SASA last end year when i saw that it's mouuse type and i got interested in it :D
This is from Oslee ...
Rich in Soy Isoflavone and lecithin, soybean milk enables skin resistance to the damage from free radicals, prevent formation of melanin. Stimulates the production of collagen, leaving skin becomes more elastic and hydrated.
Extracted from fresh soybean milk, the latest Soybean Milk Whitening products from the Skin Meal Series let your skin enjoy soybean milk every day. Skin becomes white and smooth.
O’slee Skin Meal -Soybean Milk Whitening BB Cream SPF 25 PA++ is an All-in-One Blemish Cover Cream (Whitening + Concealing + UV Block), bringing the 7 skincare benefits:
  • Fills in pores and covers spots
  • Improves discolorations and dullness
  • Light and natural finishing
  • SPF25 PA++ UV block protection
  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Hydrates, anti-oxidant
  • Firms skin
It comes in a small mousse container (it look the same like hair mousse) but in a smaller version. This is like a light-weight BB cream with soy scent and does minimal coverage. It comes with SPF 25 PA++ and it moisturizes my face. It's light-weight, dries up quicky and doesn't really need too much blending.

Unfortunately, it does not conceal really well, it is very light weight and too "thin" to cover. The tone for this bb cream is quite light too. Not suitable for darker skin.

The foam when u did not shake well :P

Watery, spread out easily.

Blended out...
I might repurchase this when i do not have much to conceal on my face :p
Have you tried this before?

Rating: 3/5