Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Body Shop Soft Hands Kind Heart

New! Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream
Still remember last year campaign comes in a lip butter form, but this year, its even more special! It is a hand cream! Should be useful for most of you :)
- Office need hand creams due to constant typing and drying of hands

- students need too due to constant writing

- at home too! air cons make your skin dry :P
The hand cream is a
A protective hand cream that has a non-greasy formula, leaving hands moisturised and silky soft. Infused with soothing angelica extract to help soften the skin, and fragrant citrus notes keeps skin smelling fresh.
Something different for once! Normally hand cream sold in the body shop are Almond oil and the recently added in, White musk Hand cream. Now its a fruity kind of hand cream! Stop getting your hands oily by using lotions or butter to substitute hand creams! Lotions dries up too fast and butters are too thick! Another thing to note is that hand creams are not only for palms, fingers, wrists... There are for your WHOLE HANDS, including arms, elbows etc!
The most importantly, is by buying this hand cream, you are donating at the same time!
All profits from the sale of the hand cream will be donated to local campaign partners the National Committee for United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) Singapore and Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (H.O.M.E).
Stop wasting and buy something useful for once and you can donate at the same time :)

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