Monday, September 27, 2010

[Review] Liese Hair Color in Apricot

I colored my hair over the weekends as i wanted to try a different color plus covering my black roots. I grabbed a box of Liese Hair Color in Sweet Apricot (its one of the 2 newest color in town, the other is platinum beige) and start working on with it.

The first thing i thought was BUBBLES! the first time coloring my hair with foams! :D

I started on with it. It comes with a pair of rubber gloves and i have to add the mixtures together without shaking it. I lightly shaked it accidentally and it foamed up. ^^" (I know i should have read the instructions... ^^")

it comes with a foaming bottle cap and I'm suppose to squeeze the bottle for the foam to come out. The process is fun, but the smell is HORRIBLE. I don't mean it stink (although it does!) but the smell is very very strong! Other than that, i had fun with the foams!

As shown in the poster, the hair will be bun up with the foam.. but it isn't. Once i left it, my hair will start falling down, i have to wear a shower cap to prevent it.

The color came out not too bright (not too happy) and i dont know if i have it on right. Maybe there are a few black patches of hair somewhere.. :P


Not much difference...

I shall opt for salon next time.

Time spent on doing: Almost 1 1/2 hr. T.T

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