Wednesday, December 30, 2009

HG 2010

Last 2nd day of the year already! Time to summarize my HG of the year! :)

HG 2009



Eye liner liquid: Etude House Code B Gel Eyeliner
Eye liner pencil: Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner
Mascara: Anna Sui Super Long Mascara DX
Eye Palette: Urban Decay Book of Shadows 2
Brow : The Body Shop Brow Palette
Falsies: Etude House Lashes (almost whole range)
Falsies Glue: Duo Eyelash Adhesive


BB cream: Etude House Mineral BB Cream
Face Powder: Jill Stuart Powder Foundation S
Sunscreen: Etude House Sun Guard Glow Base
Blusher: Benefit Coralista
concealer: Etude House Liquid Concealer


lip Gloss: Etude House Code B Color Force Gloss No. 2
lip Care: The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Lip Care
lip Concealer : Etude House Peeach Lip Concealer


Cleansing Wash: Etude House Happy Tea Time- Milk Tea (cheap) / SK2 Cleanser (Tube) (Ex)
Cleansing Oil: Jill Stuart Cleansing Oil / DHC Cleansing Oil
Cleansing Wipes: Etude House Tea tree wipes
Toner: Skinfood Peach Sake Toner
Emulsion: Skinfood Peach Sake Emulsion
Cream/Gel: Benefit Dear John
Wash off mask(whitening): Etude House O2 Whitening Mask
Wash off mask ( all purposes): Skinfood Rice Mask
Leave on Mask : Etude House Sleeping Mask (Moisture)
Mask Sheet : Beauty Diary Cherry Blossom Mask


Body Bath: Bath and Body Works Blushing Cherry Blossom Shower Gel
Body Scrub: The Body Shop African Spa Salt Scrub
Body Lotion: Crabtree n Evelyn Rosewater Lotion
Hand Cream:  Crabtree n Evelyn Rosewater Hand Cream
Talcum Powder: Crabtree n Evelyn Rosewater Powder

Favourite Brands/Merchant

Makeup (US): Urban Decay
Makeup (Korea): Etude House
Makeup (Japan): Jill Stuart
Bath : Bath n Body Works / The Body Shop
Clothes : Forever21, VS, ASOS
Bags: Juicy Couture

This marks the end of the year for cosmetics! Welcome year 2010 in just 2 days!

Xmas Celebration

This post is so so late!

Anyway, Here are some xmas eve photos from company lunch and my EOTD for dinner!

Xmas Pics

At some restuarant near Novena MRT

My food! *Piggie*

with blueberry sauce

Seafood Main Course

Steak Main Course

Dessert- Cake

Close off the lunch with a slice of logcake

I missed out turkey this year :(

My Xmas Look!

Its actually inspired by this pic (something white n sparkly):

Items used:
- TBS white shimmer eyeshadow
- Jill Stuart Ice Blonde Jelly Eye Color
- Liquid Eyeliner
- UD Skyscraper Mascara
- UD 24/7 Eyeliner
- Etude House Peach Orange/Pink Blusher
- Etude House Code B Lip Gloss

I know, its not shimmery enough. Gotta try with shimmer powder next time!

**P/S Im in love with color contacts :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New blogskin


New design

Yay, new design is up!

Took me half a day to cut out from PS and translate into xml. really hate the steps here!

I always wanted to do a blogskins with my photos instead of cartoons or illustrated stuffs but i think i'm not that pretty on photo and i'm terrible with photo blogskins!

This look was taken from some scrapebook designs i found over the internet and some vintage ideas coming into my head (*i'm so into vintage stuffs right now*)

A new blog skin for the new start of the year 2010! :)

Happy New year everyone!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

HG Eyelash adhesive

Have you
tried alot of times to put up your lashes but it doesnt stay there?
Blink and the lash tail starts to pop up?
Lash only stays for less than an hr and you have to touch up?

I often have these kind of unsightly problems till i almost given up wearing falsies! How can someone give up on something which is so enhancing and pretty!

I began to read more beauty blogs recently and i chance upon the Duo eyelash adhesive.

This is uber good n sticky! and it really keeps my falsies there for time! I think this is better than those reccomended by Asia ones( glue from Korea, etc.)

I think its a bit ex bcos its such a small tube! But netherless, it made me love back my falsies! Gotta give credits for that!

My Falsies!
PS. im wearing the grey contacts, but i think its not bright enough to show...

Like this!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New design

I will be busy with the new design for this blog.

Recently, when i went to KL, i passed by this shop which sells those vintage romantic stuffs (those kind of laces, frills,and off white color).

My new room deco! Someone told me that my room would be scary at night, but... Dont care!

Errr. something like this...

This is what it look like (till now):

Will still be changing it ;)

Wedding at KL

Last weekend, i went over to KL for a colleague's wedding. It was pretty grand, held inside something like a convention centre. I'm gonna post the pics for the wedding first :)

SG Xmas 09 Orchard Road


Christmas at Orchard

This was actually taken about last month and i forgotten about it! This year is definitely better than previous yrs~! I had only taken the blue lighting, there is actually other colors like pink and 1 other color (i forgot!).

Alice In Wonderland Palette


Right after The Book of Shadows 2, We have the Alice in Wonderland Palette from Urban Decay. Check out how pretty the colors are, especially the palette case!

I'm tempted! This shall go into my Post Xmas gift to myself. LOL

Or is there any kind soul getting it for me? :P

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Expensive Smoking Fine


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Minime from Etude House


Xmas Stuffs from Etude House. Isn't it pretty? Im so gonna collect them all (esp. cutie n Ever!)! :P

(*click to enlarge image*)

Jill Stuart Xmas Collection


I know I'm late on this!  But recently i'm quite busy and i have not really pack for my KL trip on Friday! I will try to "mass blog" today! :P

JILL STUART 2009 Christmas Sweetness Set

Consists of:
- JILL STUART Mix Face Powder Compact (Colour:101 Marshmallow Puffy)
- JILL STUART Jelly Eye Color N (Colour:103 Snow Parfait)
- JILL STUART Jelly Lip Gloss (Colour: 101 Sugar Kiss)
- JILL STUART Nail Lacquer N (Colour:106 Romantic Macaron)
- Emery board
- Nail Art Sticker
- Pouch

I'm in love with this set once i saw the picture and tadaah! my xmas pressie for myself! (i gave up on Kindle this yr! )

Thursday, December 10, 2009

How a Web Design goes straight to hell


This totally says out my feelings!

A little update

I have been slacking off on blogging cos I'm so packed this month!

Firstly, I'm so happy to bring up the new design for SD! you can view it here.

After that was done, my terror comes! Loads of projects came flooding in and I'm so drained out!

*okay, i should stop using exclamation mark(!)*

Let me split them!


I went for the Twilight Marathon at GV Marina and got off the theatre at 12 midnight plus. Movie was okay, but I didn't get any nanchos for the 2nd movie and am feeling uber down when watching while my "neighbours" are happily munching on them. Anyway, Taylor Lautner is hawt! (yeaps! I switched sides) but watching loads of their interviews, can i switch sides again? I'm attracted to Kellan Lutz! Next movie, Storm Warriors II!

Other than movies, I'm watching series like Beyond the Realm of Conscience (finished that), True Blood 2 (Halfway through), Born Rich (Halfway too) and some random old movies like Storm Warriors I etc. Don't ask me how i can watch so many at a time, but i can! Ask me to run a marathon, you might as well kill me, i would succeed if its a series marathon! HAHA.

Besides these happy stuffs, I have been to the dental recently many times to fix lotsa stuffs! *shudders* I don't wanna remember anymore!! Glad BB is there with me for all the trips!


But I'm so busy recently! I will be going over JB this weekend for a new hairdo (new haircolor & haircut). I will be bringing my netbook over but i think i can only use at night. Next week I'm going over KL for a wedding with my company! Will update with wedding pictures when i'm back by then. I'm so excited. For once in so long, cosmetics contact lenses, falsies, makeup.

* I'm controlling hard on the !

The year is ending soon, i need to start soon on my 2010 resolutions! Driving? Degree? Ouch, i really hate touching back the books!

Okay, I'm gonna stop updating a bit here! Recently updated on Home Inn in Facebook. Have you all tried it?

No more playing! start working!

P.S since after SD new design, i do not have much inspiration, i might as well work on this blog spring design! Will start thinking!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

胡杏兒Myolie - Loveholic



Artist : Myolie Wu
Album : Loveholic
Genre : Cpop
Release Date : 26 November 2009

1.恋爱妄想 (lian ai wang xiang)
2.光明日 (guang ming ri)
3.同情分 (tong qing fen)
4.灵魂伴侣 (ling hun ban lü)
5.一刀了断 (feat.张智霖) (yi dao le duan)
6.有意 (feat.郑嘉颖) (you yi)
7.寻爱 (xun ai)

My fav song!:

Monday, December 7, 2009

Urban Decay Hauls

My new addition to my Urban Decay Family

  • 2 24/7 eyeliners
  • Skyscraper Mascara
  • Green glitter n Eyeliner set
  • Baked set

freaking excited to try out soon! will review them soon!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Beyond the realm of conscience ending


Finally i have finished the whole series, and Tavia's acting is nice! Especially the part with her and General Ma, her expression is strong and attractive!
Overall, I can only say that i'm not a fan of charmaine with Kevin. it's too much like 法政先锋2. So, when she is crying, the expressions are too much of the same! Therefore, there is no negative feeling for me!

And just like others, "Why do Moses ending have to be like this?!" Maybe the producer wants to promote Kevin and Charmaine together, bur Charmaine and Moses also look good together~

For those who have watched, you should know that Charmaine met Moses when they are young, and they are 'supposed' to end up together! (like other series?)

Anyway, it's kinda of a happy ending (not for Moses!) and Tavia didn't end up dead! I would not rewatch it as i feel that it's draggy and i do not really fancy ancient series.

I would be nice and spoil all of you! Don't read if you do not want to spoil yourself!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Alvin n the Chipmunks 2