Wednesday, September 30, 2009

About me

Hi Everyone!

I'm Starryxuan, aka Cherie!

I have previously a blog at Wordpress, but due to many constraints there, i decided to create a duplicate blog here at Blogger till i manage to get a domain myself.

I currently resides in Singapore, a small lil' sunny island in SE Asia.
I really ♥♥ shopping! Especially from sites like Forever21, VS, GAP for apparels and not forgetting cosmetics shopping too! I do not have a big salary to buy branded stuffs but wherever there are sales, i would always try to join!
Now i started trying to review all my shopping loots over here!

oh ya, not to forget, my fav color is pink, therefore, you may find a lot of pink stuffs here!

Enough about me, if you want to know me more, feel free to mail me! :)

You may find me over at here! I may not reply you fast due to my schedule, but i will try to reply! :)