Thursday, October 22, 2009

10 facts about me

To add on to my 'About Me' section, i would have 'Facts About Me' now and then!

Guess it would be interesting! :)
  1. I'm a monthly traveller to our neighbour country.
  2. I don't take spice but i ♥ curry much.
  3. I'm not counted as a designer but i love designing! Check out my portfolio.
  4. I can spend alot on cosmetics at a go! I'm a beauty freak. But my bf isn't.
  5. I ♥ shopping.
  6. I ♥ Pink.
  7. I hate wasting weekends.
  8. I have a spree blog!
  9. I love facebook games! * want cheats? :P*
  10. Lastly, I ♥ this blog
I'm gonna try to fill this blog as much as possible! Should i move over from wordpress? Imma gonna miss there! Anyway, im updated through twitter :) Add me!

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