Wednesday, June 30, 2010

[Review] Tokidoki Eyeshadow (Adios)

After thinking for long, i finally got my Tokidoki stuffs!

I got this Eyeshadow which is my favourite of all :D

Tokidoki in Adios

There is a secret compartment below! Thick Palette..


- The colors are really nice and pigmented and i guess i got attracted to the keychain, "Adios" and i don't know where to put him! I'm really loving the palette but its too bulky to bring around. the colors are long lasting and after 8 hours, my eye makeup is still perfect :) 

I tried a EOTD with this palette :)

1) i line my eyes with the black shadow (bottom left)

2) fill in with silver shadow on the eyelid. (top right)

3) add a bit of blue (bottom right) on the edge of the lid and highlight my browbone with the shimmer white (top left)
Final look with lashes. I know my fringe look dorky :P they keep poking my eyes so i asked my classmate to help me cut them off :P

I actually did a tut but my SD card was broken into 2 therefore all gone T.T I will redo them when i have the time. :D Thaanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

25 qns!

I saw some blogs which have this 25 qns and it seems fun :) Here's mine!

1. Do you apply your foundation with a brush, sponge, or fingers?
I apply my foundation with a sponge, but im interested in the beauty blender :)

2. Do you apply your eyeshadow from light to dark? or dark to light?
Dark to Light

3. Do you prime your eyes?
Yes, using NYX, UDPP & TF

4. Concealer first, or after foundation?
I apply them after foundie.

5. Go for manicures, or manicure yourself?
I only go if there is any special occasions, if not would be manicure myself :)
6. Exfoliate lips, face or both?
Both :)

7. On average, how long does it take you to do your makeup?
I love to enjoy the time making up, so ranging from 1/2 to an hour :)
8. Do you wear makeup everyday and everywhere?
I wear them everyday :)
9. What release are you most excited about? (Makeup)
Hmm... Not any currently ;)
10. What's your weakness? Shoes, purses, clothes, jewelry, eyeshadow, lipstick or other?
Should be shoes, dresses and Japanese stuffs (Makeup & Skincare)
11. Do you whiten your teeth?
If i remember

12. Wax eyebrows, or pluck?
I pluck them :)

13. What do you use to contour?
Krayolan Shading powder 

14. False lashes, or natural?
Definitely false! :D

15. Favorite makeup brand?
Hmmm.. MUFE currently? I'm a benefit lover too :D

16. Liquid eyeliner, pencil or gel?
All 3 :D
17. Lipstick, lipgloss or chapstick?
Lip gloss! :)

18. Pigments, pressed or cream eyeshadow?
Cream eyeshadows :)

19. If you had to wear only one thing, excluding foundation; what would it be?
Falsies! :D 

20. Favorite color?
Definitely PINK. & orange.

21. Favorite color combination?
Green + Orange. or PINK+ GREEN.
22. Natural? or Dramatic? (Eye Makeup)
I love dramatic more :)

23. Do you care more for quality or name brand?
Packaging? Hehe. Okay, it's quality.

24. Do you enjoy using face masks? If so which ones
yup! Enjoying MBD Masks and TFS Sleeping mask
25. What is your current addiction? (example: lipsticks, eyeshadows, earrings..)
Errhm.. Im obsessed with Blings and skincare stuffs! 

I shall tag everyone who is interested :D


Blair is having a very nice giveaway here

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What does it do

Personal Microderm gives you a younger looking complexion by diminishing age spots and skin imperfections in a matter of weeks.

Who need it?

Me!! I have uneven skin now! =P Actually it is...

Ideal for those with age spots, skin discolorations, and other imperfections who want smooth, even-toned skin.

Join her giveaway now! :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010


i bought a lip palette recently of Ebay and i really like it.

it looking something like this:

im still testing out the colors! will review them soon :)

My FOTD ;)

Hair curls is after the curl setting lesson. I miss my perms! :D Eyeshadow is from UD Book of shadows 2, Lipstick from the lip palette and blusher from Maybelline Mousse in Pink frosting :)

Recently my left eye is red, therefore i cant do any FOTD. will do one more tutorial when its healed! i still have 1 more Kiss me lashes which i have not tested! Which look shall i do? 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hair Curls

A pretty short blog post to get ready for somemore! :D

I had a hair curl lesson recently and here is the before and after shot! :)



My black roots are coming out. time for somemore touching up! :D

It was pretty fun! my hair lesson is coming to an end already! therefore, no more hairstyles! :D

[Review] Skinfood Milk Shake Make up Remover

I have almost finished this make up remover and here to review them!

This product from Skinfood appeals to me, maybe because of its look. Normally you have removers either in a color, or in two (clear and blue), something nice about this is that it is like a milkshake. When you shake it before use, it does look like it!

It comes in a pretty bottle of 160ml and instead of blue and clear, it is white and purple. When shake, it is mix into a milky liquid like a milk shake. It has a pretty nice scent which is very light.

It does cleanse very well. I soak my cotton with this and it removes nicely without much rubbing. I don't experience any irritation in my eyes when using which is a huge plus. I'm so scared of removers that sting my eyes.

Priced at around SGD$25 its not the cheapest remover that you can find around as Maybelline removers are priced at around S$10++.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Madom Cleansing Express Booklet

I got this booklet from watsons and decide to share out here :)

Have you tried their stuffs before? I recently got myself a small eye makeup remover. will review them after a few times! :)

And lastly, thanks for the really nice comments on the last tut post! Im really happy receiving comments! and thanks for stopping by! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

FOTD with Falsies

I did not know how i should show these 2 pairs falsies out, therefore i decide to do one FOTD at home :)

I don't know if you like tutorials, if you do, tell me! ♥♥

Kiss me Heroine Lashes!

Dollywink No.6 bottom lashes

My tools
- Dollywink bottom falsies
- Kiss me heroine falsies
- NYX eyeshadow in Geisha
- Dollywink Pencil Eyeliner
- Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner
- NYX Eye Primer
- Canmake cheek gradiation (brown)

- Canmake Blusher 
- Maybelline Mousse Blush in Pink Frosting
- MUFE Foundation
- MUFE Powder
- Krayolan Shading powder 
- highlight Powder

- Canmake Nudy Lips in Strawberry Whip
- Etude House Lip Concealer
- Kiehls Lipcare

Half makeup face :P I look like a monster right now!

Close up difference. I know the blusher isn't very obvious. i flushed easily :)

Close up for lashes :)


- Start by drawing out your brows :)

Eyebrows done!

- Apply Eyeshadow base on eyelid..

*i missed out a few images but here are the steps*
- Using the pink tone from the canmake palette(2nd one from the bottom) apply on lids.
- Then use a mixture of browns (top 2 colors) and apply near the lash line.
- Use NYX eyeshadow in Geisha and apply on brow bone to highlight.

Use the pearl color from the palette and apply to the inner color of eye.

use a mixture of browns and apply it to the outer color of bottom lash line.

Next, i use Dollywink black eyeliner to line my eyes.

to make the black color intense, i use a dollywink liquid liner over the black line.

Next use a eyelash curler to curl the lashes.

I used Anna Sui Lengthening Mascara for the lashes

Upper and lower lashes :)

Next up is the falsies!

Apply glue on the falsie and wait for it to be half dry.
Then apply as near to your real lashes as possible.

For the bottom lashes, as its very small, im using a tweezer for them. Apply near to your bottom lashes, leaving a small space.

something like that. *PS. im still not very good with bottom lashes*

Completed the eyes!

Apply blusher! i use Maybelline mousse in pink frosting as a base and use canmake blusher over it.

Next, Highlight and contour your face. Highlight the nose, cheeks, forehead to make them brighter. Shade on the jawline for a curvy face.

Next up, i apply a lip care on my lips.

Followed by lip concealer as i really want opaque lips

I use Canmake nudy lip gloss on top. It really make my lips light pink

Its done!!

This is why i love lashes! After i removed lashes, it become....

A new giveaway coming up soon =) Please tell me if u like tutorials or not! Would u like to see more? Now i know tutorials are tiring, but happy i made it x)