Monday, January 31, 2011

My new vanity corner

The new year is coming and i have a new corner for my makeup! my new vanity corner

This was the previous set up, i still have the same corner but i bought more organizer for my blush and lipsticks :)

Share out your vanity corner too! :)

I have been posting lesser recently as i have to clean up area up for the new year, and i still have alot of stuffs that i still have not get. but i'm still active on twitter, you can find me there!

Other than that, my granny just went in to the hospital, and i'm so worried now. It's getting my mood down. :( Hope she get well soon!

More makeup post coming up soon!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow: Goldilux & Hysteric

I have been really busy recently with personal and some work related and i started to neglect here! :(

(no worries, im still reading all the entries for my giveaway)

here are another 2 swatches from my purchase from Sugarpill

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This will be the last 2nd and i will be reviewing some other brands.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SugarPill SweetHeart

After blogging about Burning Heart, i received some comments on asking me to post about Sweetheart. I did get that together in my first Sugarpill haul and this is really pretty too.

Burning heart is more of warm colors and this of cool colors. Something different to play around.

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Time to rock em!

Pink: Dollipop
Blue: Afterparty
Green: Midori
White: Tako

(with flash)

The eyeshadow size are really huge and it's pigmented. It's easy to play with the colors and doesn't need too many applications to make the colors strong.

Here are my EOTDs using the palette. I really have fun with them! <3

i only use dollipop and afterparty on my eyelids. i mix both of them together to form purple at my outer corner of the eye :) Added a bit of Midori on my low lashes area. Tako is used to highlight:)

I feelt hat i couldn't leave out midori, so i have it now!
Midori at the outer end and Afterparty at the inner corner of eyes. Applied dollipop at the lower lashes. Tako is used to highlight :)

Which do you like more?

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Too Faced First Base

I got this free when i order my Too Faced Glamour to Go previously :)

I use it as a gold base for my eyeshadow application :)They are easy to use and a great cream to brighten up the eyes. i love too faced packaging too :)

Here are the swatches.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sugarpill Loose eyeshadow: Magpie

It's 2am in the morning and i'm here blogging. I'm half sleepy now but don't know why i still don't wanna hit my bed yet!

Here is another item i got from Sugarpill!

Magpie Loose Eyeshadow

This is the color from

  Magpie Loose Eyeshadow

I got attracted to this color once i saw it! <3

It is like a very dark blue color, with bright blue shimmers. When it's not bright enough, it seems like it's almost black. i had a hard time at first trying to use this eyeshadow as i don't want it to appear too dark for me, but it still does.

(without flash)

(with flash)

Here is the close up. a really pretty shade

(without flash)

(with flash)
I love the blue sparkles!

Here is the EOTD i did with Magpie :D I have a shimmer gold color Eye base and magpie over it. Love it with my office wear, not too bright for work.

Me likey this eyeshadow!

Do you like Sugarpill too?

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Hello to all my new readers! <3<3 Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Starryxuan's Giveaway!

Finally i made it to my 200th followers! (err, 218 now :P)

Here is my giveaway for hitting the 200th mark!

I know many babes out there did not manage to get MAC Venomous Villians makeup and i'm gonna give away 1! :D No worries! it's a brand new piece!

Oh So Fair Beauty Powder

How to participate
- Giveaway open for all readers (international too!)
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- Contest Ends 12 Feb 10pm SG time (GMT+8)
- Appreciate if you can add my blog to your blogroll :D

Additional Entries
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Comment in this format
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Total of 7 entries available! 

Good Luck and Thank you! <3


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Too Faced Fairy Glamour to Go Set

I'm a big lover of enchanted stuffs, fairies, princesses, and Too faced Fairy set really caught my eyes! I received the palette from a gift exchange and i get a Too Faced Glamour to go set too!

see how pretty it is!

(without flash)

It is really small, u can see it comparing to my palm. but it's really handy for bring around and it's packed with awesome stuffs!

Tadaah! you get 8 eyeshadows, a lipgloss, blusher and bronzer. I can leave all my other eye shadow palette at home already!

On closer look...

I really like the color range, you get brown to do neutral eyes, highlight colors and black to do smokey eyes.

The eyeshadows
I'm in love with the blue and black. easy to use! 

Not forgetting the pinky blusher. it's really pigmented and pretty!

Here are the swatches for the eyeshadows. the colors are not very strong comparing to the ones i always use, but they do well enough for me. I use it for some emergency makeup for myself or friends and they are enough :)

(with flash)

Here is how the gloss, blush and bronzer look like. Love the gloss, not too bright, like a nude color, and of cause, the pink blusher!

Here is my look with the palette! i use mostly the black to create smokey eyes

Overall, i'm loving this palette!

Rating: 4/5

- 1pt for no applicator with it :P

I know i'm late but my 200th giveaway is coming up!