Friday, February 26, 2010

[Wants it!]DollyWink Japan

Im always a sucker for cute packaging and this really catches my eyes!

Falsies! in upper and lower lashes! I haven really tried a lower lash falsies before therefore its very interesting.

Their signature logo should be the black bow! with polka pink background! how not to love?

Here are their eyeliners, lash glue and case (i really want a lash case! doesn't have one!) Isn't the packaging beautiful?

from left: liquid liner, pencil liner, lash glue, lash case

益若つばさTsubasa is pretty! I bet she appears in mag too much till its recognisable! i bought many japanese magazines recently and i can already recognise her! I'm bad at recognising people :P

I wish i can be flooded with their stuffs now! :( one of each will be nice for me. *Oops*

Read more to view the lash designs!

Upper Lashes

No.1 Dolly Sweet


No.2 Sweet Girly


No.3 Natural Girly


No.4 Feminine Style

No.5 Real Nude


Me love No. 1 & 4 & 5 :):)

Lower Lashes

No.6 Baby Cute


No.7 Vivid Pop


No.8 Pure Little 


Can i has all 3? :P 

I think its available at Wastons Singapore. I need to go source around!

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