Monday, February 15, 2010

My Surprise Gift from Baby

Happy Chinese New Year + Valentine :)

I was brooding days ago about spending V Day alone + CNY and BB wouldn't  buldge about the idea of staying in with me, in the end, he left on friday morning!

I was on the phone yesterday night with him till around 12 midnight and he asked me to open my safe drawer (which is locked by a key which isn't safe cos that key is anywhere.) :P

and... Tadaaahh! My first Surprise V Day pressie in yrs!

This is way too awesome! was surprised and speechless!

he actually asked me to keep some stuffs in on friday when i was packing my letters etc. but i'm too lazy to really packed it in! and he guessed it right! even though he is across the country! If im more "dilligent", this surprise would be gone!!

DIAMOND NECKIE! BlingBLING! I commented to him that my disneyland neckie was getting old and i dont really any another, furthermore, i dont really change my neckie! :)


its REAL diamonds! i know its small! but we r saving this yr and this is consider a BIG expense to me....

not forgetting a sweet card! BB's drawing is still as ugly! but at least i know its his!

Same like most women, i didn't really prepare anything for him! only went shopping with him for his CNY clothes plus pack for him! haha, i feel so proud of myself. Anyway, he say we will be having a V dinner when he comes back! Me so excited!

This is the best V day ever! Hope BB tio toto so that he can be even more romantic this yr! hahahha

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