Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Makeup Removers : Etude vs Benefit

Previously i was using Benefit "gee that was quick!" makeup remover and i really like it alot cos of its huge amount :)

A non-drying makeup remover that quickly removes makeup from eyes and face without an oily residue. Leaves skin feeling soft, clean, refreshed and well-hydrated. Wipe it over your complexion...you'll see how it got its name!

Effectively removes even waterproof makeup without irritating the eyes.

Best of all...you don't even have to rinse it off!

Its like clear water to me, and it really doesn't irritates my eyes! no blurring of vision, no sharp pain on eyes, this is one of my HG cleansers!

Since i finished it few weeks ago and i have not gotten my 2nd bottle, i moved on to "Etude House Eye n Lips Removers"

I do not really like it. Firstly, my eyes feel oily and it stings my eyes! I hate removers that sting my eyes! other than that, its nice, removes my waterproof makeup easily and its way cheaper than benefit remover!

From this 2....

My favourite will still be benefit. Although the price is higher, at least my eyes feels comfortable! :)

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