Thursday, February 18, 2010

[Review] Anna Sui Cleansing Oil

After i finished my DHC cleansing oil last week, i started moving on with my Anna Sui Cleansing oil excitedly.


who can resist this darling which has such a pretty bottle and rosy scent?

I always love Anna Sui stuffs mostly because of its pretty casing and the lightly rose scents! Even the mascara has a rose scent! I think thats my only scented mascara :P

Back to this cleansing oil, it comes in a big 200ml purple pretty bottle in a pump type like other cleansing oil.

Although they say its better that water is not mixed in with oil before massaging the face, i always like to wet my hands before pumping the oil out. The difference between DHC and AS is quite different. DHC cleansing feels much thicker and without any scent but AS is rose scented and the cleansing oil feels watery. not as kao(thick) as DHC.

After using cleansing oil, i prefer it soo much than cleansing creams. Just feel like cleansing creams doesn't really cleans well and leave my face very very oily! I would maybe repurchase it again when i finish (that will be after my Jill Stuart Cleansing Oil :P)

Pros: Nice scented, big volume, not too oily
Cons: Not at the Moment
Buy Again: highly yes :)

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