Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hauls from Gmarket

I bet there isn't so many like me who buys sooo much from online! I have been on Gmarket for weeks recently and hauling here and there! Imma huuuge supporter! I normally buy cosmetics like Etude House, Tony Moly, all those Korean coasmetics but this time is a bit different, more of accessories, apparels and bags!

Parcel which arrives from Gmarket! :)
*baby helping me to open package unwillingly*

1st 'top level' of stuffs from box

inner level of stuffs

This carton is really full to the brim when i receive! quite heavy too! Taking out all my stuffs with my baby! He always got so pissed off when i have a parcel full of all my buys coming! :P He gave up after this point! :p

Loads of things

Loads of things that is contained in that parcel from Gmarket to me!

from left: 2 pairs of heels, half cardigans in white and pink, leggings in polka and leopards prints, 2 pearl beaded necklace (1 with lace ribbon, 1 with flower), 5 basic tops (2 turtle neck long sleeve, 2 round neck long sleeve and 1 sleeveless turtle neck), and 3 bags at the corner

Closer look!

My 2 pair of heels!

my 5 tops and 2 pairs of leggings! (in love with the polka ones! its like cotton velvet! very warm!

2 cardis and 2 necklace! love the necklace but not much of the cardis! material is very very thin!

My 3 bags! i have not open them, so no pics yet!

I only took this pic of this bag which im using right now!

most of the items here (maybe practically everything) can be found under the top sellers in gmarket! Search there for pretty goodies!

if u wanna know any of the stuffs on where i bought it, u can leave me a message ;)

p.p.s another parcel in coming in weeks from Gmarket! Gmarket, im going broke soon :P

Tip of Post : Browse using IE for Gmarket as some functions dont really work on other browsers and always start searching through their top sellers! many many nice things over there!

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ning * star on 25 February, 2010 22:24 said...

omg, i love your haul, especially the shoes and bag...

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