Friday, March 26, 2010

[review] Loreal Elseve Anti-frizz serum

This is one of my HG since it came out years ago! I took it overseas, have it at home, etc. It really smooths out my hair. I have natural hair right now, only colored, highlight, bottom curls from perming last 2 yrs. ok, not so natural, i admit.
Loreal Elseve Anti-frizz serum

Instead of telling you how good it is, i show you a before and after photo.

Towel-dry, combed with wide tooth comb after shower in the morning

no combing, only smooth out with my hands.

It smells really nice and not too oily :D

Im not sure if its available outside SG but i can get it at any drugstore in my area. :)

Disclaimer I like to spend money of beauty stuffs and item(s) here are being bought by me.

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K / BihadaDiaries on 27 March, 2010 07:25 said...

Thanks for sharing! I love to hear what worked for you!

I found you from Diana's FF! I was in there too - I'm xmts on twitter!

♥ Starryxuan on 27 March, 2010 13:23 said...

I didn't know! sent you a request to follow you :) Love ur blog!

iamxna on 28 March, 2010 00:43 said...

it works.

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