Monday, March 15, 2010

[Review] Etude Top 10 tan

I finally got my Etude Top 10 from Gmarket previously. Don't know why wanna be tan looking instead of pale. Its really something different from my normal makeup!

Presenting: Top 10tan V-line Maker and V-line BB cream. this is my darkest BB cream ever! :)

I always like BB cream in tube version rather than pump. Its easier and lesser wastage! This is nice! Has SPF27/PA++ and its a bronzy color. Don't really like BB cream without SPF, then i have to apply another sunblock below it.

First time using....

emphasize on SPF27/PA++

this is the color. See, so much darker than my hand skin tone.

with flash

spread out!
Its formulated with aloe vera and caffeine (!!!) for a bronzy skin and got face slimming oh. Will try some more time and feedback :P

The top 10 v-line maker

i can use the brown side as a bronzer for my face. overall, can be a powder! 

with flash

left: brown, right: beige (so not obvious!)

a guide on how to use it. can use all over face and neck and.....

with bronzy

without bronzy

Seee the difference!

I don have a before face, but here is my after one! compare to my other photos, this look is more bronzy. I wanna be an Egyptian Princess! Haha!

Rate this item: 4 stars. Will add more if my face really slims down!

This item can be purchased from Etude House retail or Gmarket

PS. Etude should find me be their ambassador! i got 1 whole BIG drawer of Etude house stuffs!... next time i shall "showoff" all my Etude stuffs! Be surprised!

Disclaimer I like to spend money of beauty stuffs and item(s) here are being bought by me.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this review!
it really helped i think i'll buy this because i'm tanned and i've been having lots of trouble finding darker bb creams!

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