Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My lil updates :)

Whee! Didn't blog for so long already! Hope my blog isn't rusting! Actually from my last post, the date isn't that far along but due note that i do schedule! therefore its like ages since im in here!

Some updates recently:
- Finally gotten a domain for my online shop! shall not reveal any further but im flooded with so much work cause of it!
- Played mahjong through the night on saturday till sunday morning 6am with my baby, MOMMMY and GRANNY. 3 generations! HAHA. Baby me and mummy KO-ed but granny still hyper at that time. Nevertheless, i'm the big winner that night although im sleepy! Win enough for me to cover this week's lunch =D
- Added MUFE HD Blush in my shopping cart planning to buy this week after much consideration! Hope its nice!
- My fake lashes has lasted me 3 days of 12 hrs wearing! so pretty and i'm happy! gonna blog about it soon!
- Gonna meet my girlfriends for another round of shopping on Friday!
- School is starting next week :(

Planning to buy 2 wigs next month! Im so excited!

Thats all for the weekend i think. More reviews coming up!
- Alice in Wonderland OPI swatches
- falsies from EvilBay
- Imju Fibrewig

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