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[intro] My favourite Shoujo Manga

By the term shoujo, its for like young girls, ladies' comics. but im sooo interested in them, especially the love stories. (which are highly not applicable in real life) Instead of waiting for such a "prince" to appear, i rather like to dream or daydream instead.

Working life is soo boring! We normally work, home, rest , sleep and some bit of heading out and enjoy. but the people in the comics' life seems so free and their time seems longer!

I think the most important fact is the handsome eye candies inside which cannot be found in the real world. Will there be even such a pretty man?

Actually the main purpose of this post is for me to share out some shoujo manga and you can use some stories in here to spike up your life! I kind of like some as its not too long for me to read (just about 20+ chapters) and you can finish it up in a day or 2. Maybe i shall go daydream more when im on my way home today :P

I always read my manga at Onemanga . They have a huge collection and i don't think i can finish all :P!

Here are my few favourites (there are some supernatural, kiddy kind, you can skip that if you dont like)

BTW. all of them have handsome  or cool guys :P

Title: Ouran High School Host Club


One day, Haruhi, a scholarship student at exclusive Ouran High School, breaks an $80,000 vase that belongs to the "Host Club", a mysterious campus group consisting of six super-rich (and gorgeous) guys. To pay back the damages, she is forced to work for the club, and it's there that she discovers just how wealthy the boys are and how different they are from everybody else.

Status: incomplete (Chap78)

This manga is quite long but interesting. Its kinda get draggy at the later part but it never fails to amuse me!

Title: Boyfriend


Hijiki (a girl with an unusual name) has just entered a new school, and on the way there she encounters a mysterious boy alongside a beautiful lake. Hijiki has some secrets of her own, and will this boy be able to listen to her silent pleas for help...?

Status: Completed (11 chap)

A short romance story. Guy isn't too handsome but cute instead.  (maybe i shall describe the guys instead :P)


The girly but bloody otome game re-imagining of Lewis Carroll's classic fantasy novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with bishounen characters and added romance.
In this story, Alice is not all what she seems. She is practical, strong, yet a cynical person. Instead of the tradition story, Alice is kidnapped unwillingly by a mysterious (yet somewhat bishie-looking) man with bunny ears into a place call Heartland. Stuck in Heartland due to a trick by the mysterious bunny eared man, she meets the residents of this world. Along the way, Alice meets Blood, handsome mafia leader; Ace, the psycho yet charming knight and more…What should Alice do in such a world!?

Status: incomplete (Chap24)

I think i started this cos of the Alice in Wonderland hype recently and i really love this! A twisted tale of Alice in Wonderland! of cause, with huge loads of handsome guys inside! :P

Title: Full House Kiss


Suzuhara Mugi is a 15 year-old on a mission. She is determined to somehow get onto the campus of Shoukei high school, one of those super, super elite high schools. This school is huge and private and has tight security. Mugi is searching for her missing sister--her only remaining family--and she has been led to believe that someone or something on the campus of that school will help her in her search. Unfortunately the strict school security is preventing her from getting onto the school grounds.
However, her luck changes when she literally runs into Midou-kun, the son of an insanely rich mega-corporation president, and elite person at the school. Midou is not impressed with Mugi’s sob story about needing to get into that school. He is a very smug and arrogant rich guy. But he can be reasonable, and he eventually strikes up a deal with Mugi--he will get her onto the school grounds in exchange for some labor on her part, that she must come to his house and work as a maid!

Status: incomplete (Chap18)

Few rich guys and a maid living together. See how the maid changes them! Its still ongoing though, but its on my reading list!

Ok, i shall intro those that are completed one... i got obsessed with too many ongoing ones :P



Armelia is an orphan girl who sings for work. One day, she met a boy, Luce, and fell in love with him. Unfortunately, Luce was kidnapped by the notorious pirate, Scar. Armelia swore to herself that one day she would rescue Luce. But the truth is not what she thought it was...

Status: Completed (3 chap)

Short enough! Story involves pirates. me like it! esp the male character :P

okok, last one!

Title: Brilliant Magic


Mitsuki's a high school freshman worried about her looks--or, at least, her "baby face". Until, that is, she enlists a little help from classmate Atsuki and her makeup kit. When Atsuki's finished, the transformation is complete--and breathtaking. It's also when the romantic adventures begin--a roller coaster ride of the heart that young and old are sure to enjoy.

Status: Completed (chap18)

This is one of my loves too! A model with a makeup artist :) 

I shall keep it short for this post. If you are interested in more (im a shoujo maniac already), please comment! :D I still have many many likes! :D

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