Friday, June 4, 2010

Hongkong Post Part 4

Ocean Park

How to make me happy?

Throw me in an amusement park!

Here are the photos for Ocean Park.

I know i have been wearing the same clothes! to minimize my baggage, i brought detergent to wash my clothes over there :P:P

Don't say i never warn you! image heavy!

Yay! after a long way, we are at OCEAN PARK


suntanning seal!

Seal's photobook :P

The aquarium! *Stinks*

Lazy fishes! more below!

Giant turtle!!

Went for a dolphin show next!

test training :P

opening song!

tired me!

our first guest!


Lonely mermaid!

Excited for the cable car ride.......


WTF is the height. 

Getting scared!

Cannot tahan already. Freaking scared! Hold handrails!

"stop asking me to pose!"

WHEN IS IT ENDING?! I think i almost wanna lay flat on the floor...

Baby clearly ENJOYING himself


Still not ending?!

IM so highhh up!

WTF. Let me down now!!

Reaching soon~~

Im higher than the hot air balloon?!

Finally came down! This is gonna be the last time im taking that cable car. wtf.

Ms piggie in front with ms panda behind! :P

First time seee so big one! 

My first time seeing Panda!!! They keep on eating non-stop. from i reach till i left. ^^"

pooor lonely otter!

View my baby's goldfish album! :P

Last few shots!

Time to go see night view!

i wanna sit cruise too!

Actually there are some videos but i cant upload to youtube. will post them once i uploaded :)

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ning * star on 04 June, 2010 20:18 said...

i used to have that last gold fish... but it dead...... huhu. I called it ping pong fish caz is fat. lol... u know if u have 20-30 of them, then feed them till fat fat, u will be very happy.caz they swim way tooo cute :)

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