Friday, June 25, 2010

[Review] Skinfood Milk Shake Make up Remover

I have almost finished this make up remover and here to review them!

This product from Skinfood appeals to me, maybe because of its look. Normally you have removers either in a color, or in two (clear and blue), something nice about this is that it is like a milkshake. When you shake it before use, it does look like it!

It comes in a pretty bottle of 160ml and instead of blue and clear, it is white and purple. When shake, it is mix into a milky liquid like a milk shake. It has a pretty nice scent which is very light.

It does cleanse very well. I soak my cotton with this and it removes nicely without much rubbing. I don't experience any irritation in my eyes when using which is a huge plus. I'm so scared of removers that sting my eyes.

Priced at around SGD$25 its not the cheapest remover that you can find around as Maybelline removers are priced at around S$10++.

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ning * star on 07 July, 2010 18:34 said...

i like the packaging, it looks like Ketchup haha xD
I think i should tried this... but u should try the Etude House eye and lip makeup remover too... is good !

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