Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Liese Juicy Shower Moisurizing Hair Mist Review

Liese Juicy Shower Moisurizing Hair Mist

A boost of moisturizing raspberry essence to quench hair's dryness and smoothen frizziness anytime, anywhere. The refreshing berry scented water-base spray invigorates senses with every spray while enabling a fuss-free quick fix to the hair.

I bought this on a whim due to its cute packaging and travel size and i happen to like it alot! It has a very sweet berries scent and really makes my hair softer. I always love Kao products, so pretty! Can't really say that it is way too awesome, but its enough for daily use to make my hair smells nicer! :)

Pros: Nice Smell, Cute packaging, Hair do feels a bit softer after spraying
Cons: Hair doesn't feel very smooth.
Repurchase: yes!

You can view here for the styling tips provided by Kao

Not forgetting the video too! :)

 my travel size 50ml spray!

"Made with raspberry extract"

This can be found in Watsons in SG.

Disclaimer like to spend money of beauty stuffs and item(s) here are being bought by me. This is based on my personal experience and views and there is a possibility that my experience does not apply on you.

3 comments on "Liese Juicy Shower Moisurizing Hair Mist Review"

ning * star on 01 June, 2010 20:43 said...

have u try sexy girl hair mist? i think it is for fragrance :)

Blair on 01 June, 2010 22:12 said...

I need to get my hands on Liese products too! They finally brought it into Malaysia :O

♥ Starryxuan on 02 June, 2010 14:22 said...

to ning: have not yet :) i bought this cos got small size :)

to Blair: hehe! get it, its nice :)

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