Saturday, June 26, 2010


i bought a lip palette recently of Ebay and i really like it.

it looking something like this:

im still testing out the colors! will review them soon :)

My FOTD ;)

Hair curls is after the curl setting lesson. I miss my perms! :D Eyeshadow is from UD Book of shadows 2, Lipstick from the lip palette and blusher from Maybelline Mousse in Pink frosting :)

Recently my left eye is red, therefore i cant do any FOTD. will do one more tutorial when its healed! i still have 1 more Kiss me lashes which i have not tested! Which look shall i do? 

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sugar sugar on 26 June, 2010 21:34 said...

Very pretty. :3

Blair on 27 June, 2010 21:08 said...

I prefer using traditional lipsticks in a tube over the ones in a pan for some reason.. prolly because my lip brush sucks haha!

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