Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Products Coming!

Sweetie ning recently tag me on this! Thank you dear <3333

The Rules:

1. Thank the person that gave this to you :)
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog
3. List 3 things you love about yourself ♥
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3 things i love about myself!

  • The first thing i love about myself would be that i'm a very fast learner!(on the things i want to :P) Especially on the stuffs i really love to do. Stuffs like gambling, card games and codings (not too technical one though). Although i get frustrated often, i always love the feeling when i complete them! I might look unpleasant when i'm learning or halfway through, but it's not really. I just wanna concentrate and think through! So don't get offended when i don't smile! :D
  • Second would be my stamina... (in watching series throughout the night!) Haha! That doesn't sounds good and it make my eye bags worse! I can continue watching show or reading a book through the night and into the morning. Of cause, playing mahjong with my granny too. Although her stamina is even better than mine! >.< I would have collapse near 7am already!
  • Lastly, Can i say friends? Hehe. I love myself knowing these friends! Friends from school, from work and from online! They have been supportive too. Although we don't meet up often, we try to stay in contact :D 

A picture which i love!

Trip to Disneyland with someone i love is the best ever!

People i tag
The other 2 slots for all my readers x)

Some new products that i have seen coming up! They look pretty good!

Candy Doll Collection

This collection caught my eyes recently! So pretty! they are up on my wishlist for next month! Next is to think how to get them!

The Body Shop Autumn Collection

Saw this on Musingsofamuse blog and they look pretty! I may be coming back to shopping at body shop! :D


Saw this on muse blog! I have BOS 2. May i shall skip this. Should i? Its getting pretty! 

2 comments on "New Products Coming!"

Blair on 09 June, 2010 18:24 said...

Thanks for the award, sweets! Gahh, I want goodies from Candy Doll too!!!

ning * star on 09 June, 2010 21:49 said...

TBS has pretty stuff there :)

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