Monday, April 5, 2010

Trip to Msia and Angelique's giveaway

Back to Msia this weekend and i missed my lens collection! I bought another pair of blue and pink lens! Therefore quite excited to get... Shall get it next month then! and.. I left my phone charger in Msia. FML :(:(

Weather is freaking weird recently, suddenly very hot and then heavy rain! :( Went out awhile and we got caught in a terrible rain...

We did nothing there. Eat and sleep only! Major relaxation. I think i slept more than 12 hrs a day! Internet was slow there, and i had nothing to do, except to sleep :)

But i did get entertain by this boy :)

His hyperactive pattern reminds me of taz...


Thats all for now!

Before i end, Here are some giveaways! :)

Angelique is giving her first giveaway :)

Im loving the false lashes!

Join it here :)

EWWITSNIKKI giveaway :)

Pretty big giveaway! Join her Mega Giveaway here!

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