Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rants and studies

A few rants on my personal stuffs. You can skip if you are looking for beauty post!

I started my class on Makeup Artistry (at last!) and this is my 2nd week into that. Maybe it has been a long time since i started study, there are tonnes of notes and i'm being paranoid here and there. I admit i don't have a natural gift for makeup, but i do like having makeup on. its like another side of me (with and without makeup). I believe that makeup can build up confidence and i really enjoy my mornings with my makeup collection.

Maybe i'm not gaining enough support from my surroundings and im getting quite down already. Even don't really have the mood on the class. In class, for me its quite rushed! The procedure is that the "teacher" do once on the model and we have to do it already. That happens every lesson. I'm so afraid that i would forget and i would always rethink of what had happen in class when i'm in the bus on my way home! (i think the stress of thinking that i would forget the steps make me more paranoid!)

My baby doesn't like me to practice on his face! T.T
My hands tend to tremble when i'm nervous! T.T
No one to practice except on my own face! T.T

Suddenly i would feel that is it wrong that i am in? I like making myself pretty and others pretty. Sometimes i really feel that being a MUA is an impossible dream.

Sigh! Shall not rant anymore! Here is a look from class. Look at the uber thick foundation! I did not do this, my partner is class did my look :)

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Iyah on 09 April, 2010 14:44 said...

Make up artistry sounds so cool! =) i have practiced on my hubby's face before. He let me put eyeshadow on him. hahaha :P

and on your post below about the sigma brushes, they look so cute in pink! =)

♥ Starryxuan on 09 April, 2010 17:35 said...

Your hubby is nice! My boy get angry with me everytime i try on his face :P

Im so tempted on the sigma pink brushes! even more after you blogged :P:P

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