Thursday, April 15, 2010

Recent Hauls and short Update

I spent this 2 days redesigning this page for a more simple look!

Changed to a blue theme, i have not really left a pink theme since don't know when :P But i still have mixed feeling regarding this design. *hmmm....*

Back to topic, i went for a bit shopping in town and got myself a few stuffs from drugstore, bookstore & sephora :)

from left: a jap mag, vivi mag, popteen mag & Scawaii mag

Biore Pore pack, Complete lens solution, MAC Brush Cleanser and Fix+

Im still finding a good pore pack as i have really many many blackheads! :( Any reccomendations?

I have not started using the MAC stuffs yet. Hope its nice! Im still halfway through the many many magazines! Wish that im in Japan now! I really love the flowery flowery dresses! I found Liz Lisa web and i fallen in love with the clothes! Is there any cheaper alternatives?

Here are some of my favs!

ヴェントオンラインショップ 花柄×ドットシフォンマキシワンピヴェントオンラインショップ 【Sweet4月号・CUTiE4月号掲載】小花柄ふんわりレースアップマキシワンピ

ヴェントオンラインショップ 【2010S/Sカタログ・小悪魔ageha掲載】スカラップ刺繍デニムショーパン

sooo pretty! but its bit costly!

Went for a hongkong cafe for dinner after shopping :)

Baby's Mango Madness
I had Passion fruit tea. This is a JAR, not a cup!
our side dish: abalone mushroom
my cheesy chickie chop rice
our food! my cui(ugly) phone at the side. 

Alot of crystals has dropped from my phone, haven got time to stick them back yet...

Shall stop here, gotta head for class soon :)

Next up! More FOTDs :)

3 comments on "Recent Hauls and short Update"

ning * star on 15 April, 2010 18:53 said...

yummy... hehe, i like to see food pictures

coffretgorge on 15 April, 2010 21:03 said...

hello! stumbled upon your blog and following you now hun! i bet you'll like the mac brush cleaner, it makes cleaning brushes so fast! i put mine in a spray bottle to make things easier ;)

i love asian mags, i like seeing the fashion and beauty tips they give out. :)

♥ Starryxuan on 16 April, 2010 14:56 said...

to ning: hehe. Food pics make me hungry! :P

to coffretgorge: thanks dearie! you have a great blog. Im going to try it this weekend. Im thinking of using it as a brush shampoo, now finding a daily brush cleanser. Can that be used as a daily spray too? I love jap mags and their beauty tips too! :)

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