Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Shampoo/Conditioner/Hair treatments do you use?

I had some friends asking what shampoo, conditioner did i use for my hair. I'm sharing them out here :)

Tsubaki Golden Repair Shampoo

I heard lots of raves about this shampoo in the beauty blogs so i decide to try them. I head to my nearest store which sells all kind of skincare and shampoo and manage to grab 1. I wanted to grab a conditioner but i couldn't find any. I find that this shampoo makes my hair softer and i notice lesser hair breakage. My hair tend to be in bad condition after frequent coloring but till now, i like this shampoo :) Its quite cheap in SG about S$9 per this size bottle? i got mine in a set of 2 with 1 treatment which cost me S$20+

Essential Rich Primere Treatment (Tube)
I was thinking whether to buy the conditioner or the treatment for my hair and i end up with treatment as my hair condition is very try. It works pretty well for me and kept my hair smooth and doesn't tangle much. The scent is light and nice. I find that the Nuance Airy (pink) doesn't work too well for me. I guess that is for more normal hair unlike my damaged hair.

I use this 2 everyday to maintain my hair they work very well.

Please share out what you use :)

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