Wednesday, July 7, 2010

[Review] Sponge Cleanser

I have been using sponge weekly due to classes as they uses cream foundation and never in my life i have to clean makeup sponge! I always buy those use and throw away (a big pack for around S$4) and this sponge from school is quite costly, therefore, i have to resort to cleaning them after every use.

The first few times i use, i normal rinse it with water and try to rub until they turn white, which most of the time, turn into light beige colour (due to foundation). I got this sponge cleanser when i'm hauling in Daiso and for $2, a sponge cleanser would be nice.

Here it goes!


Dirty sponge after class! I think we did lots of shading, thats why the dark brown stains all over.

*after applying the cleanser and rubbing it, the foundation comes out easily!


It look like brand new! Even my classmate asked if i use a new sponge. :D

- Cleans really well
- Cheap!

- the only one would be its limited. when i got this, there is only a few left. Hope it isn't hard to find

Overall, i really love this product. I guess i'm going to stock up another bottle :)

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ning * star on 07 July, 2010 18:35 said...

wah... so geng... totally cleanse everything!

aisyah De Cullen on 07 July, 2010 22:55 said...

0__0 Daiso cheap products amazes me..
THAT IS SOOO COOL! What would happen to the sponge if you wash it with bath soap?

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