Friday, July 16, 2010

K Palette Eyeliner and brow liner

I heard a lot on this liners and i thought i just have to try. I drop by the watsons nearby and hauled an eyeliner and a brow liner :)


I really love strong black color eyeliner and the reviews i have read was great. It really reminds me of Dollywink liquid eyeliner but i feel that the brush for K-Palette is thicker. The brush glides on easily without any difficulties and the color comes out strong and pretty. I put this in my makeup pouch and bring with me around to touch up on my eyeliner.

Brow Liner

I'm very particular of my brows as i have very light brows and i always have to draw them. I was thinking if i should get this as i'm using UD brow box at the moment. On thinking that this will be more travel friendly than that, i decided to get one. This is my first brow pen (brush)! I had tried pencil, brow set but never on a brush. On my first attempt, i did make many mistakes till the brows look like a moon (curvey moon). After some tries, i manage to get it right. It doesn't fades and it's really nice after using for a few times.

First few attempts on the brows. Luckily it look ok :) 

5 comments on "K Palette Eyeliner and brow liner"

Dina (XYYan) said...

Thanks for the reviews! I've heard good things about both of this liner too and can't wait to try them. Btw, thanks for entering my giveaway, good luck!

Blair said...

Do you own the Dolly Wink liquid liner? Can you do a comparison? Speaking of felt tipped liners, have you ever tried Kate's Super Sharp Liner?

~Lisa said...

Gah...I want more Asian products to be widely available in Canada XD

It certainly does look interesting!

sizbelle's world said...

their brow liner is my HG brow product, so i bought a few to stock up in case haha glad that you like them

Cynthia said...

I love the Heroine Kiss Me Liquid Liner!! I can't find it anymore, is always OOS. I'm still thinking wheather to get K-Pallette or Dolly Wink 

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