Friday, July 2, 2010

Hauls from Watsons

I had a fun time enjoying my time shopping at watsons with my colleague and went home with goodies!

Wasit shaper and finally my ecotools brush set! They only have 2 left and i got my colleague to get one too! We took the last 2 sets!

Ecotools Brush set and Kpalette Brows and eyeliner :)

Liese Serum, Essential Shampoo and hair lotion

Essentail Serum, Renu Eyecare and Liese Serum
*if u see repeats, there are actually only 1 of them :P

Happy time shopping in Watsons :D:D

3 comments on "Hauls from Watsons"

sugar sugar on 02 July, 2010 22:16 said...

Nice haul! I also have Ecotool brushes and they're really super soft. :3

Blair on 04 July, 2010 01:40 said...

I love browsing in Watsons! I can spend a few hours there haha XD

sizbelle on 05 July, 2010 09:00 said...

i saw that essential serum ytd when i drop by watsons but i still have my pantene clinicare one.. let me know if its good!

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