Monday, July 5, 2010

[Review] Etude House Makeup Essence Mineral

I got this item way back from the start of year and it was hiding somewhere till i found it recently.

It look like many mini balls inside the pump :)

It comes in a pump and dispense in a watery texture. I think mine somehow dried up. There are times when it pumps out quite dry and i have to blend it more. At first, i didn't know how i should use this. Its too shimmery to use after all my foundie are set. Instead, i mix this with the foundation and apply on parts of faces where i wanted to highlight, the nose, cheeks etc.  This stuff is more like a face brightener than an makeup essence to me. I'm not sure if i'm really liking this product but i don't think i will purchase it again. 

I would recommend this to those who have dull complexion or those who wanted to highlight the face. 

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3 comments on "[Review] Etude House Makeup Essence Mineral"

ning * star on 05 July, 2010 20:46 said...

oh, when i tried this, i thought it was cool. is cooling on skin... the SA asked me to mix it with BB cream... but i ended up not buying it but then I want to buy it :( see, how conflict am i... hahahaha
but i will get the pink color sunscreen, looks pretty glowy on skin!

Dina (XYYan) on 06 July, 2010 12:05 said...

The packaging is so unique, but it's too shimmery for me too..

aisyah De Cullen on 06 July, 2010 20:24 said...

The beads inside looks pretty..XD I was tempted to get this too..
Thanks for the review! I think this will not suit me.

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