Thursday, July 8, 2010

A pleasant surprise from my bf!

Last week my bf got me something that is on my wish list.....



they really packed nicely and in my favourite colour! PINK!

I have not tried them yet. I don't even bear to try them! hehe. They will be replacing my school brushes since my school brushes are not that good. 

Since im always bringing my make up where ever i go, bf get this travel set for me too! I'm so happy! Now they will be following me everywhere!

There are a very nice surprise for me! I shall review them once i started using them :) Gianger's parcel came too! Thanks love for your goodies! Shall post them up soon! :D

6 comments on "A pleasant surprise from my bf!"

giang on 08 July, 2010 17:42 said...

soooo sweet!! <33 sigmaaa!

Dina (XYYan) on 08 July, 2010 17:45 said...

That is super sweet of your bf! I've been eying for Sigma brush set for a long time too :D

☆Anastacia☆ on 08 July, 2010 18:27 said...

Yay! Nice brush kit!!

sugar sugar on 08 July, 2010 18:42 said...

Awww... Your bf knows exactly what you want. That's really sweet. :3

Anonymous said...

Your bf is so sweet, the brushes looks awesome!

Edna said...

How sweet of your BF, I wish mine asks me what I want and surprises me

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