Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shiseido Hauls

I went to the shiseido sales recently with my colleague and hauled some from there! The queue was very long which makes my lunch time even longer :( I nearly forgot to have lunch :P

Here are my hauls!

Renu solution was grabbed during watsons sales :P

When i went it was quite late already. didn't manage to get my cleansing foam :( and many palettes were sold out. My favourite will be the Ettusais blushers which i got! The colors are really pretty. I grabbed a few more nail polishes which wasn't taken in the photo too :)


My jewerelly from Ekilove came already and im in love with them!

Now i love everything that has a crown!

*by the way, i extended the giveaway dateline as i'm busy with work recently! Remember to join! <3

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