Monday, September 20, 2010

Love Parcel from @gianger

Last week i received a huge parcel from one of the twitter babes, @gianger, Giang!! Go visit her blogg! :D

It is HUGE!

The box is behind and when i open up, i was shocked! babe, u really pamper me too much! *cries*

Spot the top left corner! I never had so many nail polishes at a go in xx years! (OPI is expensive here and i dont bear to spend on it!)

Zooming in..

here are the drugstore goodies! For first time i experience so many stuffs that i cant find in SG! :)

and of cause, the m&ms! I only took 2 shots and the BF grabbed the peanut m&ms! I wish there are so many flavoured m&ms here! If im right, i only spotted Peanut & original m&ms in SG... I remember CERTAIN DRI is her HG anti-perspirant, now i have 1 to try :D

She is so nice to send me MAC pigments! I haven't tried any MAC pigments yet! This is my first! :D

Bath & Body Works! How did u know twiligh woods is my favourite scent? **mwahhh**

The main part....

Nail polishes!!!

my favourite!! neon color polishes! something to brighten up the rainy weather here~

my first few bottles of essie!

She is my nail polish enabler! :) Now i have loads of nail polishes to play with! I can't remember the names but i will do some swatches up soon! :)

She added some samples in too! :D:D

Thanks for all these goodies! I really wanna run to you and give u a big hugg!! :D

Now im worried about Iyah's parcel! It have not arrived till now! hope it arrive safely soon!!

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