Friday, January 8, 2010


I just changed/upgraded my office computer today! instead of vista, I'm having Win 7 :D:D:D *triple shouts*

Its hard to use, but interface, is pretty. (although it look same as vista :P) Furthermore... This time i have CS4! Whoooppeee! I bet today is my most happy moment. I should start wishing for one at home....

Something with above 4gb ram, 2 monitors, BIGBIG HDD, the rest, im ok with anything ah :P

i think im most anticipating the duo monitors at home. Sure will speed up my process faster :P

Sigh. Dont know why my com at home now is like hell. It will hang itself (alot of times!) and internet access at home is horrible! i can't download anything, and my connection keeps cutting off. T.T

ARGH. internet is being cut off when im typing this. Shall start taking pics for NYX Jumbo Pencils review next ;) Maybe later tonight or tomorrow :P

P.S im quite a fan of Kellan, and i like Paul Weasley after the vampire diaries series that i watched on the train. See this! im so gonna try and find the mag! :D

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