Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Recently i have been reading lotsa blogs and some of them includes surprises. Therefore, it prompt me to blog about it!

I like the part which i read on Iyah's 09 post on the surprise Gucci bag, which makes me feels upset cos BB never surprise me much anymore! I didn't say he didn't surprise me before , but that was a long time ago.

Recently the gifts received are: 1)Being forced by me. 2) Asked by me.

Maybe some are surprises but i think my mind tends to think much, till its not much a surprise for me.

That reminds me of an incident a few days ago when i was heading to Bugis to buy some beauty accessories as mine was running out and was pissed that i cant find it. So, BB and me decided to head home. On the way to the MRT, BB asked me to get a drink and he went walking around. I suddenly thought that, "maybe he is gonna surprise me with something, etc."

Damn. I was thinking way too much. He actually did walk around finding his food/drink.


I think we got to the time where everything flows in nicely without much surprises or what. The surprises which i everytime got WERE negative. (e.g. sick, com spoil, office com spoil, mouse spoil... )

EVEN the color of my hair surprises me! (not as light as i imagined and wanted to be!)

Not to forget, the newest surprise: i lost my camera charger!

Thats why the lack of EOTD and reviews. i shall start typing in my reviews first already :(

Just a short rant here! :P

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