Monday, January 11, 2010

Urban Decay Spring Collection 2010

Its been so long since i last posted! I feel even more lazy to post after my camera went dead. *DEAD*!! :(

Nevertheless, let me blog with something that doesn't really need the camera...

Check out the Spring Collection of UD!

The one that caught my attention will be the Stardust! They claimed that it has more glitter than their normal range, and you know, I HEARTS Glitters! :D:D

It comes in 9 fab colors (which all sparkles!). OMG, my eyes are sparkling with them now. Who gonna get it for me?! :P

Get em here!

A small but biggest news for me this week...

Remember me going all whooo haaa (mad!) about Alice in Wonderland Palette?

Sources says that they are coming this FRIDAY (15/1) ! (Yay! Jumping around!)

You can read some reviews of some lucky people getting them first!

UD Alice in Wonderland palette

*Pouts* why they didnt give 1 to meeee... *cries*

Intending to get a Urban Decay Black Liquid Eyeliner, any reviews?

Anyway! Remember to check out UrbanDecay this friday!

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