Thursday, January 14, 2010

[Review] Sephora Express Makeup Remover Pen

Recently i went for a little shopping at Orchard Ion and bought myself this express remover pen from Sephora. If i remember correctly, it is priced at around SGD10 and has been my lifesaver :)

It removes makeup easily with its marker-like tips and after removing, we just need to use tissue to wipe off the dirt on the tip! Great for me to use if i happen to smudge my mascara on my face.

Even when i'm outside, i can touch up and freshen my face up with this easily too!

look alot like a correction pen!

The marker like tip. its not too watery, so no worries about it dripping.

I use a liquid eyeliner and drew a line. Below the fadding line was "erased" off by the eraser pen. Neat and no smudging!

This is going in my HG of the year!

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