Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New year!

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I shall blog bits before getting jammed on some downloads here.

Internet is very slow over in Msia! :( This is the FIRST time that i went across the border on my own, in train. I bet i wouldn't feel so scared if its a flight, but there isn't any. It is kinda exciting sitting alone in the train. I bundled myself with jacket and my kiddy blanket which i brought over, and starting up my netbook with some series, munching on some biscuits to cross the uber long 3 hr train ride.

I think it was getting too cosy for me, till i nearly wanted to fall asleep, furthermore, the weather was pretty nice, Drizzling with low temperature. Its the kind of time where you would want to cuddle under tonnes of comforter. I wonder if i would be able to do it this year end too :P

This is how i cross my New year on the train!

Yesterday morning had some plans with mommmy for our next new year, decided not to spend it in SG, but we have to plan on the budgets etc. Hope it would be successful, Since i've got 1 whole yr to save up! :) Shall put it inside my resolutions!

Say till resolutions, i have not gotten my book yet, so maybe i would set up a section here in blog to note down too! :P

Sobs. Right now, i'm being left behind in house where BB went to get some durians. I think the slow internet was pissing me off, and it reminds me of my "broken" desktop at home which he refused to fix.

Shall blog my resolutions tonight. Heading out soon :(

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