Monday, January 25, 2010

Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is coming in just a few weeks and the worst thing is that it falls together with CNY! *ouch* DOUBLE *ouch*.

It can only means that this yr Valentine is me me and me only!
Anyway, i did some viewing of how some people are planning to spend their valentine! you may "cope" some ideas here if you are still stuck on thinking!

*Gonna split it into 2, how to celebrate and gifts

Deliver a Bouquet of Flowers

This is the most common act here whereby flowers prices are rising and everywhere is filled with ladies holding on flowers. Can i know how to maintain after receiving. Its always sweet when receiving and i get all frustrated on how to keep them and when they wither, i feel that its a bloody waste of money. Anyway, who cares, that special moment of receiving flowers only matters!

Romantic Dinner

Next up will be romantic dinner. I had never tried it before, its always me n BB at home cause we do not wanna spend the money out eating! But thinking of it, it always sounds nice eating at a restaurant, sea-view, or on a high level overlooking the night scenery. Its very romantic! Here are some nice restaurants that are open even on CNY ;)
- Mandarin Oriental, Singapore
- Swissotel
- *Others [Top romantic restaurants]

Singapore Flyer

SG Flyer is another hot spot for couples right now and they are open during CNY too ;) Check out more here

Cook yourself

Budget problem? There is always a hypermart nearby with everything you need! ;) Tried it many times, buy some snacks, a dvd at laze at home! No crowd, no jams.

Activity Day

Something different besides the usual eating and walking, how about day at Sentosa, or zoo or meuseum etc. Something different than usual often spice up my life :)

Counting down Valentine Day in just about 2 weeks more! :)

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