Monday, November 15, 2010

Love from Blair

I have been slacking on posting on my blog recently cos i'm too busy recently and with the additional make up assignments i've received, its making my life more fruitful :) I never thought i could progress up to this stage, but i did! And i really have to thank my friends for giving me opportunity to do :)

Other than that, I have hauled a few stuffs recently and will post them up shortly :)  My favourite would be the Clarisonic MIA :D:D

I received a love pack from Blair (visit her blog!) recently when i went back to Malaysia to visit the bf's family and i'm so excited to see her pack on the table. :)

I'm using a pair currently :P

She is such a love to send me a box of M21 lashes! This is my first box and i really love them! I will review them shortly :) Blair, we have to order them together soon :D I'm so happy to have another eyelashes buddy to share my love for falsies :D

Thanks Blair! <3

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