Monday, November 22, 2010

Loreal HIP eyeshadow duo in Showy

L'Oreal HIP Bright Duos Shadow, Showy 224
Loreal HIP Shadow in Showy

I got this together with another eyeshadow which i reviewed recently in my online purchase. Now this is available at Watsons store now. Another color which i like too! <3

I have a lot of blue eyeshadows but i couldn't resist this, i was attracted the the blue on the left when i first saw it. The color is pigmented and easy to apply on.

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I used this to create a look for Monday (Monday blues). The lighter blue appears bright but not the matt darker blue. I did not wear my falsies today (how can i forget?!) :( You can see my short stubby lashes.

 I used Canmake Gokubuto Mascara for my lashes and dolly wink eyeliner to line my eyes.

Nail Color Chinchilly from Essie for my nails :) my first gray nail polish and i really like it :)

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