Friday, November 19, 2010

Hauls from Watsons

Watsons was having a private sale for member last tuesday and i make my way down to the nearest branch near my office with some of my colleagues <3

My haul from Watsons

I know i could get more but the heat, the crowd, the mess was making me get out of the store asap! Almost half of the store was at 25% off. It was a great deal! Some stuffs i gotten wasn't on discount though

- MM Eye Remover Gel (25% off)
- Loreal Smooth Serum (25% off)
- Loreal Travel size conditioner
- Lucidol Hair Spray
- Ichikami Conditioner
- Loreal Night Serum for Hair (25% off)
- Essential Hair Mask
- MBD Mask Set

oops i think i hauled more that wasnt on discount :P

I love this set of MBD masks! <3 it comes with 20+1 mask including a travel size bb cream from skin79.

Shall review them soon! <3

Another EOTD done with Lime Crime Loose eyeshadow <3

By the way, i'm selling a pair of  GEO XCK105 lens (the one im wearing now in the EOTD) with no degrees.

Email me at if interested <3

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