Thursday, November 4, 2010

CandyDoll Lipstick in Ramune Pink

Last month, i bought a candy doll lipstick from A pop of Kawaii and it was shipped to me real fast!

I'm so excited to receive candydoll makeup as they cant be purchase in my area and it was so hard to find them. I got in this Ramune Pink color which is like a nude pink color lipstick

It is a really nice pink color which i think suits my skin tone easily. The texture is creamy but not too moisturizing as i can feel my dry lips after applying and it may look like its in patches if you have really dry lips or apply it without any lip balm.

It stays for around 2 -3 hrs and disappears by lunch time. It is a matt color, no shine, no gloss, so i recommend gloss on top of lipstick.

Overall its a very pretty lipstick only that it's hard to find.

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