Monday, November 16, 2009

Skinfood Rice Mask Review

Today review is gonna be on Skinfood Rice Mask. Actually i have bought this quite some time ago but don't bear to use it yet. Since my BB was sleeping soundly and i didn't have anything to do, i took out a pail, sponge and start masking his face with it!

its a white watery, creamy texture with some bits inside (i guess should be rice? ). It smells nice, not too strong. Then i took out my mask brush and start applying on my BB face... It is easy too apply, not too thick too! On closer look you can even see the residue...

(my face)

I hate it when hair starts coming and stick with my mask. Overall, the mask is hydrating! My face feels much cleaner after mask-ing and softer!

Its going to be on my HG item! :) I generally love this more than my Skinfood cucumber mask :D

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