Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Beyond Realm of Conscience Reviews

Till yesterday, i watched till epsiode 10 of this series.... and I have not started on Born Rich yet...
The plot till now is quite good. I kinda like it actually. It started with Tavia & Charmaine when they are young with their mother, Crystal (whom died in Episode 1). Besides that, we can see how Susanna rise to become the Head of Jewellery Proceedings.

Till now i do not know actually she is the villian or the good one as she protrayed a good image in the series till now, but i feel that there is more than that. Hope i'm thinking too much! On the other hand, Michelle couldn't stand her rising so fast in the rank, to be the same rank as her. As what they say in the 42nd lighting up ceromony, there relationship is like good and bad. Ups and down.

In Tavia & Charmaine friendship, from the first episode we can see them fighting (they are already cocubines ) and charmaine confessing to her mother near the well (her mother's ashes are being thrown in the well) that they couldn't be sisters anymore. Tavia seems nice from starting but when she tried to chase away the 2nd Head of Jewerelly Proceeding, in order to take her place, i think she is starting to get evil. Or this is her nature? She was even more pissed when the place was taken up by charmaine. When she said that she should be happy that the place was taken up by Charmaine, did she mean it? She was crying at the time. And during this time, Michelle was very annoyed that Charmaine has crossed over from the Embroidery Proceedings to the Jewellery Proceeding.

I have a like/hate relationship with Susan Tse (the grand empress dowager). She is pure evil. I hate her cause of her character but i like her cos she look real! I think she has the face of 1st(big) wife (like Rosy Business ). Pure Evilness.. Muahahaha.

Now onto the guys' part. From the first episode we can see that Moses and Charmaine are good friends. When Moses has to leave the palace, thus leaving his mother, she gave him a candy and ask him to be happy. Moses was very greatful to her (i think he liked her!). I saw till the part that he and his mother left the palace... On the other hand, Kevin, a palace chess master like her too. But because the palace do not allow relationships with the maids, therefore their relationship was stagnant where i see it. Hope there is more about it!

The poster (have attached on top!) looks like it categories the good people and the bad people in the show! We can see tavia, Susan etc. all on the left of the poster while the good people like charmaine, kevin, Mary are all on the right. Does that mean Susanna and moses are evil too?

Ahh, i hope it comes out faster! :(

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