Monday, November 30, 2009

Beware of those suckers

It has been a very busy weekend + holiday for me as BB's family came down from M'sia and BB's itenary was to JB and SG like in less than 4 days! I think it really drained me with waking up very early in the morning and sleeping in the wee hours!

There is actually 1 issue that we are very pissed of and i was thinking whether to blogged it down, since i'm here, i might as well complain it.

On last thurday, we were travelling back to Msia from SG at near 9pm from Lavender taking the sbs bus 170. It was very very crowded and we managed to take the bus, which travelled a very long distance from Lavender to Woodlands, by the time we reach there, it should be about 945. SG custom was a breeze, not much a crowd, but the terror comes at the bus stop. The queue is horribly long and there are many many people that you cant even see the queue lines! I think we have at least queued for half an hour or even more till it reach our turn! Lucky for us, we manage to be at the front of the queue for the next bus, got seats! and it was jammed on the causeway for another about half n hour or more!

There comes the part... after we crossed the immigration, I was taking my big bag of clothes and necessities and BB was helping Big Sis to carry here buys. BB was called by the immigration (those who checked bags) again. He has been called for umpteen times, whereby others can pass safely. Since he did not bring any illegal stuffs or what, we thought it was okay. But that woman want to tax us. We were bringing like a pair of children shoes and 2 tops bought in SG, not a lot of stuffs or what!

She can say that all those need to be tax. How much? 30%! Fuck lar. She further include that those were trading goods and need to be taxed. we argued that those were consumer goods for our own use. She said that those also need to be taxed. How much? 20%. Then big sis argued the terms of consumer and trading goods and asked her to list down what are the stuffs that need to be taxed. She replied that it was too many to list. Then since need to be taxed, there are so many other people buying stuffs inside Msia and all need to be taxed? She replied no, they picked randomly to tax. WTH.

Previously we brought in a HP which we forgot to insert a sim card in and they accused us that its new, need to be tax, that is already ridiculous, now this? a pair of shoes and 2 tops that also need to be tax? Is that mean M'sians cannot buy stuffs from SG for own use or is it they want to collect taxes for their own?

Oh ya, and their tax percentage can change from time to time. you know, they still can ask us, "how much can you pay?!" Is this telling us that you can change your amount to suck all money we have?

Msians, be careful of what you bring in due to these suckers.

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